Monday, March 23, 2009

Faster, Easier Bulk e-Mail Mailings Using BEMM™ PHP Scripts

Make faster, easier bulk e-mail mailings using BEMM™ PHP scripts.

Yes, the BEMM Bulk E-Mail Mailing PHP scripts make bulk e-mailing simpler and faster.

If you have small to medium lists, doing it yourself with these scripts can be easier, faster, and with less hassle and expense than having a commercial service do it for you. And it also eliminates the hassles and problems with using your desktop resident ("client-side") software such as Outlook blah-blah, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. This provides you YOUR software, on your server, which YOU control. And you control your mailings and address lists in easy-to-manage text files.

I originally developed the BEMM Bulk E-Mail Mailing PHP scripts for my own use, to easily and conveniently do my own e-mail mailings. They're a great tool; I use them all the time. Get them and see how productive they can be. You'll be all the happier for it!

How BEMM came about is that I have several e-mail lists, each with a few hundred to a thousand or so names each. My hosting account limits me to 99 e-mails at a time, using the standard mailing method through an e-mail manager program on my computer. That limitation meant that, for a typical mailing, I would have to break a list into several parts ("sub-lists"). Furthermore, I e-mail to the lists only occasionally. This means that usually there are one or more e-mail addresses that turn out to have discontinued domain names. That would bring the submission procedure to a screeching halt, and none of the e-mails would be sent. I would have to correct the sub-list and then START OVER with that sub-list. That could happen SEVERAL TIMES per sub-list, before the e-mails finally get sent.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

e-Commerce Business (Internet Business Biz Buzz) Website Updated

The e-Commerce Business (Internet Business Biz Buzz) website has been updated. Articles have been updated and reorganized. Navigation has been made easier with a new, cleaner sidebar. All articles are easily accessible. An expanded search facility (Google Search) has been added so you can search for and find on the site the pages having words or phrases you are interested in.

Take a look at the Internet Business Glossary, for example.