Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Total Chaos That Prevails in Fat Loss and Fitness Schemes Today

Many worried about their weight are confused more than ever about how to burn fat. They are bewildered about what might be the best method to proceed in achieving the shape they wish for. They are confused about what works and what doesn't, and the reasons why. There are countless individuals slaving away in gyms and fitness centers around the world this very moment.

They are working determinedly, practically every day, on the stair-climber, treadmill, elliptical, bicycle, etc., to burn the calories and fat. They also could be lifting weights several times a week for hours to develop some strength and bulk up. They might even join a few aerobics or spinning classes too.

They are probably also trying one of the latest diet strategies promising miracle fat burning and for losing weight. They could also be spending a lot of money on the latest and greatest dietary supplements that they are hoping could be that miracle pill that will help them to lose weight. They are also vigilantly watching the bathroom scale as their main judge of their progress in losing fat.

If their weight goes up a pound or two, they may behave rashly and possibly even revise their complete workout or diet program!

After all, this is the kind of stuff that a lot of the well-known fitness and diet gurus typically recommend to take off fat. But with so many various strategies and plans being touted as the be all and end all, what occurs is that we tend to go overboard.

And when that happens, we lose sight of what really matters in achieving and maintaining lifelong fat burning, health and fitness. We lose sight of the principles than many people don't even know about, that most people have forgotten, and that only a limited few utilize to attain lifelong health and fitness. These are the same principles that many people have used to drop 20 pounds, 40 pounds, 60 pounds and more of surplus body fat, keep it off, and revitalize their lives!

With any exercise or nutrition program, you'll probably lose some fat initially, but far too often the loss doesn't continue or doesn't come as fast as the person would like because they have a temporary outlook. They're only focused on the short term and one specific aim. So they end up switching to some other program, and the cycle continues until they've become consumed by this cycle of confusion.

This is one of the biggest, if not the main reason for the lack of fitness progress and fat loss progress that is being experienced by most of the exercisers and dieters in the world. They are jumping from one exercise routine or fad diet to another, while losing sight of what's really important, and what really works.

Simply put, they are working out way too much, not nearly intensely enough, and trying to adhere to impractical diet recommendations.

Instead, if they focused on a long-term strategy, that is, a lifestyle, and stopped worrying about "losing 10 pounds by summer", they would find it far easier to do the proper things most of the time.

And those right things include brief, progressive, and intense resistance training, eating a diet full of nutrient rich foods, drinking lots of water, and getting lots of quality sleep and rest.

The students of the Fat Burning Furnace method understand this and are reaping the life-long health and fitness rewards because of it. Wouldn't you like to, also?

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