Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brausch Leaves Glyphius Users in the Lurch

I have the James D. Brausch copywriting evaluation software, Glyphius. The 2006 version. Brausch now has a 2007 version out. The 2006 version was a download version from his website. I tried to access the 2006 version "owner's page" today to review the "General Use Training Video". THE PAGE IS GONE!

Prior to this year, Brausch's products were mostly downloadables, available for purchase through ClickBank. Through that process, you would get link information to an owner's page. The customer usage documentation for products was on videos on owner's pages. And that was it. He had some funky Camtasia desktop video generated file format that was viewable only on Microsucks Internet Explorer as far as I know. (Maybe also on Firefox? But not on Mozilla.) I was unable to download and save any of his videos for Glyphius and other products I purchased. I tried to download/save the videos, because exactly what I feared would happen, has happened. That they would go away.

Now (2007), it seems that Brausch is switching to physical products. CDs, DVDs, actual printed and snail-mailed/UPS delivered items. For Glyphius 2007, I assume both the program and his funky videos are on the disk that his producer sends out.

That wouldn't be a problem if he kept his old version pages up. But, I guess his reasoning is -- screw you if you don't buy the newer upgraded version.

MuVar 2007 is right now being released on DVD. Will the owner's page for the 2006 (and earlier 2007) version be taken down? I think likely.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Brausch Artemis Pro Customer Service - Part 2

In a previous post, I mentioned a reader's complaint about Brausch's customer service. It turns out, I think, that there are two problems. One is Brausch's customer service. The second is that there was customer "cockpit problems" (not being attentive to detail).

Since Brausch customer service is so poor, I tend to give the benefit of doubt to a complaining customer. In this case it appears to me that in the instance mentioned, there were several Artemis article version formatting problems uncorrected by the reader. This led to the failure of the Artemis program to accept and submit the article.

This does not excuse, however, the Brausch machine poor customer service. One problem is that can be impossible to get hold of customer service. A second problem is that Brausch instructs his customer service people to "fire" people as customers if they exceed some sort of arbitrary help quota. A third problem is that there are no on-line TEXT instructions and/or FAQs for various products. Brausch has stated that his videos are sufficient and that people don't read FAQs. I disagree that videos are sufficient. As to FAQs, I think people do try them, but they usually are written and organized so poorly that the customer gives up and resorts to trying to e-mail or call.

But, as Brausch would say, so what if I disagree, I am one of the 98% "losers". Brausch prides himself that his videos take much less time to prepare than written documentation. Good for him, bad for his users. The videos are not downloadable as far as I can tell. And even if they were, users still have to plow through talk, talk, talk for a much longer time than perusing a written document to find the possible nugget searched for.

So, I am doing Brausch's job. But that does provide content for this blog and my site.
For text tips on formatting Artemis posts:
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Friday, April 6, 2007

How's Your Experience with Munius and Relusi? Comments Wanted.

I have installed Munius and Relusi on all my sites. I have gotten some articles and links, but not a whole lot. I'm wondering about something.

I have a custom installation for them in that I use "articles-b" instead of "art" for the Munius directories, and I use "links-b" instead of "lnk" for the Relusi directories.

Do you think that makes a difference in how many articles and links submitted? My http://www.e-commerce-biz.com/ is my newest site and has the fewest articles and links. So, for comparison, I just last night installed Munius and Relusi again, under the "standard" directory names, and as "standard" layout and graphics installations. So I have both "standard" and custom versions of both on that same site.

For comparisons, you can look at

In about a month, I'll see if any differences worth noting between the similar directories on the same site.

BTW, in installing Relusi, I noticed again a couple of minor glitches that I had noticed before I started the website and this blog. They aren't serious, but are minor annoyances that you should at least be aware of and fix.
See "Relusi Header and Footer PHP Script Notes"


Update 2009-06-18: I no longer use, recommend, or act as an affiliate for either of these products.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

$1000 a Month for James D. Brausch's Ranking Factors Software (RaSof)?

$1000 a month? No way for me or most others. Of course, because of that reluctance, Brausch would dismiss us as being part of the 98% "loser" category.

To spend $1000 a month, I think one should REASONABLY expect a $1500 to $2000 MINIMUM bump in income within a couple of months at least.

Based on my results so far with RaSof, I would not go for $1000 a month for it. In fact, despite my "fear of loss", I am considering discontinuing it within another couple of months. I'm considering hanging on to test a bit more, but my results after already several months are not encouraging.

For more, go to RaSof Ranking Factors.