Saturday, March 29, 2008

Profitable Prices - Glyphius Pricing Digits Scoring

Profitable Prices - Glyphius Pricing Digits Scoring.

Pricing digits are the digits used in setting prices for various products.

The question is: Which are the best digits to use? It depends.

For example, which, in general, should give a better response: $19.95 or $20.00?

Well, according to Brausch's Glyphius (version 2.0b2), yes $19.95 is better than $20.00. But, $25.00 is better than $24.95. And $24.50 is better than either.

I've gone and tablulated a large list of prices and their Glyphius (version 2.0b2) scores.

For a big list and comments, go to
Profitable Prices - Glyphius Pricing Digits Scoring.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RaSof - My Last Word About It...

RaSof - My Last Word About It...

Unless I see some reason to make me change my mind, why bother writing more? For me RaSof (Ranking Software) didn't work. Scoring others' pages with RaSof gives scores having no relation to SERP (search engine results page) location/ranking.

As I said about a year ago on my site at $1000 a month for Brausch's Ranking Factors (RaSof)?.
My conclusion from those results is that if you have no links, even an EXCELLENT RaSof score will do you no good. OTH, if you do have links, a good RaSof score is NOT necessary.
Look for my RaSof commentary and details on my e-Commerce Internet Business website.

My previous blog posts regarding RaSof are archived at:
Now, Fred Black weighs in with his excellent and detailed post "Search Engine Optimization - A Reader Asks My Opinion of Rasof" on his site at

Aside from his discussion of RaSof, it looks like Fred is working on a program or system to actually DO what RaSof promised. Since Fred has been consistently at or near position #1 in Google for the highly competitive keyword (keyphrase) he has targeted -- internet business -- I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Why Work?" Report Updated

"Why Work?" Report Updated

I've just made some minor updates to my "Jobs Suck. Why Work?" report.

They comprise reformatting and navigational changes for easier reading, and updating and adding a couple of links about alternatives to the job.

For those of you that have not heard of this report, it is derived from an article written quite a few years ago by someone probably from a now long-defunct MLM company. (I have no idea who the original author was, otherwise I would have credited him/her.)

I've heavily edited this report from that article. The original article discussed superbly the PROBLEM, but the solution offered in it was to join that now defunct MLM company which, in my opinion, had one of the worst compensation (pay) plans I've ever seen. It seemed to me a blatant attempt at a "quick hit." Whether they succeeded and took the money and ran, or failed and quit, I don't know.

Regardless of that, the discussion of the problem and the reasons to participate in MLM were superbly stated. My revision has been to update a few of the numbers, to do some general editing, to delete the references to their particular MLM plan, and to make the report "generic."

The report emphasizes MLM, but MLM is not the only -- nor, IMNSHO, the best -- alternative to the the J.O.B. (job). What is important is that you find SOMETHING as an alternative to the job.

I have added a few links to alternatives to MLM (aka Network Marketing), such as an internet business and stock market trading. (I myself am concentrating more and more on stock market options trading.)

More at this URL: The Why Work Report.